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Press Release: SOS 2017 Article Date: March 2017

What an outstanding meeting! It was well run, educational and much fun. Please find a link to the academic programme for your interest.

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Press Release: Darling Magazine Article Date: January 2017

I am relieved that the trend is for 'smaller'. This is particularly important with breast augmentation. Placing implants that are too large is a recipe for a poor outcome, dissatisfaction, and revisional surgery.

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What a great meeting - BAAPS ( British Association of Aesthetic Surgeons ) conference 2016 - Was very happy to be invited to address the conference on my experience in massive weight loss body contouring surgery. The educational part of my job is super fun! Also had the opportunity to highlight our work in PROMS - patient reported outcome measures, as well as innovative techniques to improve the bodies of weight loss patients.

I would like to thank Dr Jo Gilmartin for her hard work as well as Anne Klassen of Body Q fame. She had included my patients in the generation and validation of the gold standard PROM - the Body Q. Thanks gals :-)

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Press Release: Daily Mail Article Date: August 2016

Camerons ditch PR-savvy staycations for break at luxury villa in Corsica

Naturally blessed with a long and lean frame, Sam has clearly worked harder than her husband to maintain her trim physique.

Indeed, a year after giving birth to daughter Florence, five, Sam Cam was back in a bikini. Consultant plastic surgeon Mark Soldin said: ‘In order to have a flat belly like that after giving birth to four children you would need to be blessed with very good genes and to have had children in the womb who weren’t particularly large, and definitely not twins.’

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Press Release: Yahoo News Article Date: August 2016

Mama June Deemed Too Heavy for Excess Skin Removal Surgery Despite Weight Loss

Her daughter might call her a “sexmous mama,” because Mama June from the now-canceled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has shed an impressive 150 pounds and is proudly flaunting her new figure all over social media. But, according to Page Six, the slimmed-down reality star will have to wait a little longer to have all her excess skin removed.

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Press Release: Daily Mail Article Date: Feb 2016

Emma lost 20st by dieting. So should the NHS pay to remove the unsightly saggy skin left behind?

Trying to get funding for NHS care for the Massive Weight Loss patient needing body contouring surgery is proving to be an uphill battle. The 'post code lottery' in the NHS continues.

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Press Release: British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Article Date: Dec 2015


Following obesity treatment such as gastric bands, bypasses or sleeves, post-bariatric patients can be left with almost two people’s worth of skin (think of a deflated balloon) which result in functional problems – such as reduced mobility, hygiene issues and infections– a heavy impact on their psychological wellbeing as well as impede their ability to work. In some cases, being left in these ‘molten bodies’ has even lead to depression[1] and suicide.

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Mr Soldin's research into quality of life outcomes after body contouring surgery has recently led to a collaborative effort with McMaster University of Canada to trial the Body Q - a patient reported outcome measure ( PROM ). This is currently ongoing at St Georges Hospital in South West London where Mr Soldin is a consultant surgeon. 'I feel it is with research like this that we will gain further understanding into how our surgery helps people who have lost weight'.
Mr Soldin chaired the committee for national guidelines on Massive Weight Loss Body Contouring Surgery leading to the launch of this NICE accredited medical guide in early 2014. This work was jointly sponsored by the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons and the Royal College of Surgeons of England. It can be found on the BAPRAS website. Mr Soldin hopes that this will create equity in England for those wanting surgical care on the NHS after they have managed to lose weight. ' This will give these patients a real second chance at a normal life '.
Mr Soldin, chairman of the Massive Weight loss guidance committee discussed the national guidance on BBC Breakfast today. He also appeared on Sky news representing BAPRAS and RCS to discuss the Body Contouring guidance. Please see the links below for more information:

Sky News (March 11th, 2014)

BAPRAS Press Release (March 11th, 2014)

Yahoo! News (March 11th, 2014)

MSN News (March 11th, 2014)

Mr Soldin invited to address the Scottish BAPRAS conference to be held in Dunkeld, November 2013. He will speak on Body Contouring after Weight Loss highlighting the latest techniques and also the formulation of new national guidance for patients wanting this surgery. He chairs the BAPRAS/RCS group formulating the guidance.
2013 - Mark Soldin becomes an examiner for the Intercollegiate Examinations Board. Mark says ' It is great to be able to help the specialty of Plastic Surgery by making these contributions. I have always enjoyed the educational side of the specialty I practice in, and this further demonstrates my commitment to continued excellence for the next generation of Plastic Surgeons. It is also extremely enjoyable meeting with colleagues, keeping up to date and exchanging ideas'.
Mark Soldin chairs BAPRAS/ RCS committee on National Guidance for Body Contouring Surgery after weight loss. The first meeting of this committee in April 2013 agreed to establish equity across the country for this group of patients. Guidance was agreed and once finalised will form the basis for commissioning across England.
Radio: BBC Radio 5 Live Drive Article Date: 19th February 2013 Mr Soldin was interviewed with the worlds largest man who has now lost weight and is wanting body contouring surgery. Mr Soldin specialises in body contouring after massive weight loss.
TV: BBC 1 Morning TV Article Date: 19th February 2013 Mr Soldin leads the BAPRAS initiative for national equitable guidance on massive weight loss body contouring. He featured on BBC 1 national TV on 19 February
Paper: Independent Article Date: 4th November 2012 Mark Soldin, consultant plastic surgeon at St George's and Kingston hospitals, and a spokesman for the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, said: "High heels make the leg more attractive because the elevation of the heel enhances the convexity of the upper calf muscles, while making the ankle region appear even thinner, more fragile and feminine." Click here to read more.
Web: BAPRAS Article Date: 31st October 2012 BAPRAS member Mark Soldin responds to article in The Times (Weight-loss surgery is expensive but can be the only solution for some, 23 October) with a Letter to Editor.

Mark Porter is correct to raise concerns over the small number of bariatric surgeries performed in the UK (Weight-loss surgery is expensive but can be the only solution for some, 23 October), but equal attention needs to be paid to the even fewer surgeries performed to remove excess skin after the weight loss. Click here to read more.
Paper: Independent Article Date: 16th September 2012 Mark Soldin, a spokesman for the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons and a consultant plastic surgeon at St George's and Kingston hospitals, said: "Upward curvature of the eyebrows was considered to be an attractive feminine feature in the past. We are finding that more and more women are looking for a flatter, straighter, more masculine look. I think it has to do with the increasing equality of the sexes. "Women are subconsciously favouring a masculine brow."
Magazine: Glamour Article Date: 1st April 2012 Glamour Article Botox is a medical drug, and licensed for cosmetic use, but can be offered at a doctor's discretion. Clinics get round this by prescribing it 'Off Licence', which means the doctor has to assume liability for its use. "And they don't have to be the one to administer it," says Mark Soldin, plastic surgeon at St George's and Kingston NHS Hospitals. "That can be a dentist, a nurse, even a beauty consultant. If you're going to have Botox, go to a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist - you need someone who fully understands the anatomy of the face."

Facial fillers are licenced only as devices, not drugs. So while they carry the CE mark, this means they meet standards of production, not efficacy or safety. As such, over 100 fillers are available in the UK. In the US, where cosmetic fillers need approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), fewer than a dozen have it. Like Botox, you don't have to be a doctor to administer them. "Until fillers are properly regulated, only go to a surgeon you've researched, who has experience with the filler you're interested in." says Soldin.

A designer handbag may be for life, but surgery isn't. "Anyone who has plastic surgery needs to understand they're likely to need further operations in their lifetime," says BAPRAS member Mark Soldin.

Breasts "At some point, you're going to have to get your implants taken out and replaced," says Soldin. Sure, they may last ten, 15, even 20 years, but they may also become problematic within a much shorter time. "Implants sometimes rupture, meaning the fluid within them (silicone or saline) leaks out into surrounding tissue, " says Soldin.

Body Contouring Timing is everything, "There's no point having a tummy tuck, breast uplift or liposuction and then going ton to have children," says Soldin. "Pregnancy will undo all the work."
Meeting: BAPRAS Winter Meeting Programme Article Date: 2nd December 2011 Topic: Body Contouring Mr Soldin is one of the leading aesthetic surgeons in the country. As BAPRAS lead for body contouring he was asked to organise the aesthetic section of the academic programme. Invited guests from the US and Germany gave lectures on Body Contouring after Massive Weight Loss.

Mr Soldin is co-author of the paper presented by Dr Gilmartin on Quality of Life Assessment after MWL body contouring which was also presented at this session. Additionally he was senior author of the presentation on Experience with Autologous Breast Augmentation in the Massive Weight Loss patient which was also presented at this prestigious meeting.
Paper: Daily Mail Article Date: 15th November 2011 Topic: Body Contouring Link to Article: Click Here. I first met Mr Mark Soldin when I had reached my target weight loss of 10 stone. Excess skin covered my body to the extent that it encumbered my every day thoughts and activities and it became clear that no amount of exercising would reduce the amount of skin I had. Before meeting Mr Mark Soldin I really didn’t know what could be achieved but after my first consultation it became clear that not only could miracles be achieved but I would be in very safe hands. Mr Soldin’s patient care and compassion certainly puts your mind at rest and he’s expertise enables you to put your trust in his hands. We agreed that my first operation would be a lower body lift. This, as Mr Soldin explained, would be the largest of all the operations. He also took the time to explain the procedure of the operation and the healing process. After having my consultation with Mr Mark Soldin he kingly arranged for me to see his nursing colleague so that I could talk through any concerns that had arisen and get to know other members of his team making my healing process an easier transition. Mr lower body life operation went extremely well and my healing process was well cared for by Mr Soldin and his nursing staff. With their time and knowledge my wounds healed quickly revealing an excellent scar line that now is remarkably faint.

Mr Soldin and I agreed that a suitable amount of resting period was in order before I commenced with the next stage of my transformation and once that had elapsed I was keen to carry on.

Brachioplasty, Thigh Lift and Breast Augmentation:

These three procedures were carried out at the same time and I was really keen on this idea as it cuts down on the times that you undergo general anaesthetic and I couldn’t wait to see myself as the results from the first operation where above and beyond what I thought that could be achieved. Once again Mr Mark Soldin and I had a consultation so that he could talk me through what he planned to do and what to expect and ask if I had any concerns or questions’ of which I did not as I knew how capable he was and I didn’t have any questions as he explained everything so well that there really wasn’t anything else to consider.

My operation went ahead as scheduled and once again was a complete success. After coming round from this operation I noticed that my scars were very well placed and impossibly neat and my breasts were perfectly formed. Although I was still swollen my physical appearance was unbelievably perfect. At that precise moment I knew that my dreams had in fact come true. My recovery went well and I only needed some intervention when I formed a small seroma just above my left knee but this was quickly and efficiently dealt with by Mr Soldin and his team.


The results of Mr Soldin’s work have certainly gone way beyond anything I though was possible. My confidence has gone from none existent to soaring. All because of one brilliant, talented, clever man. My scars are almost transparent blending in well with the rest of my colouring and there have been no lasting effects from any of the procedures that I have under gone. My only regret is that I waited so long to contact Mr Soldin. – With my Thanks WC
Paper: Scotsman Article Date: 2nd December 2011 Topic: Body Contouring Link to Article: Click Here. Plastic surgeons are calling for new guidance on the treatment of patients after they have undergone weight-loss surgery.
The British Association for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (Bapras) is calling for national guidelines to be drawn up on reconstructive “body contouring” surgery following weight-loss operations, when patients can often be left with excess skin.

The association’s winter meeting of more than 400 plastic surgeons in London will hear that with a growing obesity epidemic in the UK, the number of patients undergoing bariatric surgery was increasing rapidly.

On average, gastric band patients will lose between 50 and 60 per cent of their excess weight and gastric bypass patients will lose 70 per cent. Many will develop medical problems caused by excess skin left over once the weight has gone.

These problems can be dealt with by body contouring surgery, but there are currently no guidelines on the provision for this type of surgery and NHS funding is very limited. A pilot study being presented at the meeting today by Mark Soldin, Bapras consultant plastic surgeon at Kingston and St Georges University Teaching Hospitals in London, showed significant improvements in patients’ well-being once they had undergone body contouring surgery.

Mr Soldin said: “We know that excess skin following massive weight loss can lead to significant on-going problems. Initial findings from our research shows that there are significant physical and emotional benefits to patients who undergo body contouring surgery.”

Paper: Article Date: 2nd December 2011 Topic: Body Contouring Link to Article: Click Here. The number of people undergoing weight-related surgery, which includes the gastric band and gastric bypass, has increased rapidly in the UK along with the growing obesity epidemic. Under NICE criteria approximately 1.5 million British adults are currently eligible for these procedures.

Gastric band patients generally lose around 50-60 percent of their excess weight and gastric bypass patients will lose 70 percent which can lead to medical problems caused by excess skin. Body contouring surgery can help deal with issues, however, there are currently no guidelines on the provision for this type of surgery and NHS funding is very limited.

A recent survey commissioned by BAPRAS shows that of 1,000 GPs questioned 45 percent support NHS funding for body contouring surgery. A pilot study being presented at the BAPRAS Winter Meeting by Mark Soldin, BAPRAS Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Kingston and St Georges University Teaching Hospitals, also reveals significant improvements in patients’ physical and emotional well-being once they have undergone body contouring surgery following massive weight loss.

Mark Soldin says: “We know that excess skin following massive weight loss can lead to significant on-going problems including soreness, recurrent infections, functional problems, depression, difficulty with sexual function and poor body image.

Initial findings from our research shows that there are significant physical and emotional benefits to patients who undergo body contouring surgery to remove this skin, and that these patients go on to lead a far more physically active and healthy lifestyle. With the growing incidence of bariatric surgery in the UK it is essential that the aftercare for patients be given greater thought.”

Professor Simon Kay BAPRAS Committee Chair says: “There is on-going discussion about whether the costs for post-bariatric reconstructive surgery should be available on the NHS and access to these procedures varies across the country. Cost-benefit evidence about bariatric surgery is now available but the patient’s long term quality of life has not been fully considered. BAPRAS is calling for national guidelines on body contouring surgery to be developed. To kick start the process, we are inviting interested parties to join us to develop the key points for consideration.”

At the BAPRAS Winter Meeting, Mark Soldin, Dr Dennis Hurwitz from the US and Dr Alexander Stoff from Germany will be showcasing pioneering body contouring techniques that could be introduced into the UK. Dr Dennis Hurwitz will present his unique concept of Upper Body Lifting developed to minimise scarring and a technique combining extensive liposuction with body contouring to improve sculpturing and reduce complications.

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