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Weight Loss Body Contouring - Inner Thigh Lift:
I thought long and hard about having this operation – I sought advice and was referred to Mike Riley at BMI’s Paddocks hospital in Princes Risborough near my home. I met with him and he was great – really jelled with him from the off. Only one slight problem – I’d lost so much weight that the degree of complication with my operation made him recommend another doctor – I was both impressed and disappointed by this as we’d hit it off so well.

He recommended Mark Soldin – so off I went again – another town, another hospital, another doctor

Surgeons have a reputation – they can be aloof and distant – and to an extent this was my first impression of Mark. He’s a serious man, he didn’t smile much that day, but what he did do was leave me in no doubt that he knew what he was talking about. He explained in great detail what options were open to me, what the effects could be and what the concerns were. He didn’t try to sell it to me, in fact quite the opposite. I’m like a bull at a gate you see and once I’ve made my mind up, I want it now. He was not to be pressured. He saw something in me that day and asked that I had some routine blood tests done and return with the results. He was right to be concerned, my Haemoglobin was half what it should be – basically I had no iron. He was adamant – he would not operate, it would be unsafe. I undertook a long course of iron infusions and went back waving my results when they had just crept over his required limit. Still the answer was ‘no’ – he wanted the level higher – to make sure I was in the best physical shape to undertake the operation. When I saw him again in March, we tried to plan for an August operation – but diaries didn’t quite work, there would only be 7 days after my proposed operation before he went on holiday and he wouldn’t leave me that quickly after surgery – ‘we’re travelling this road together’ he said – so another date had to be found

Now I have to say that this is not the level of care I had experienced with other doctors – he didn’t want to take my money and run, he wanted it to be right – and this is where I began to realise the depth and care of the man. It took over 18 months to get me in the right shape and at each consultation we revisited the procedure and its effects. The more I took this seriously, the more he responded and every now and again I even got a glimpse of a lovely smile

So, on 30th April 2017 I went in to the Coombe Wing at Kingston Hospital and got marked up and ready for surgery. At this point I have to mention that the treatment from every member of staff there was exemplary – the nurses, doctors, anaesthetist and most especially the ladies that brought me endless drinks and food

The operation went well - a little longer than expected at 3.5 hours, but he was pleased – and so was I, but that might have been the drugs. My legs were swollen and the scars looked vicious – he had undertaken liposuction and done a full circumferential thigh lift. I was cut from below the knee right into the groin. I stayed in for 2 nights. Mark came to see me after the operation and the next day and even discharge day which was a Saturday – unexpected but very much appreciated. We went over my instructions for the care of my wounds and what to look out for. I could call at any time if I was concerned. I went home tired, but pain free with my Tramadol and Paracetamol in hand just in case. I’m a wuss you see, the biggest thing I had been worried about was the pain – but for whatever reason, I was lucky. Neatly tucked into my compression leggings I forgot about the pills after the 3rd day at home. I saw Mark 2 weeks later so that he could see how I was healing and I got the thumbs up – my scars were already settling down – probably helped by Mark’s technique of glue-ing me back together rather than stitching – a technique that is paying dividends now. I saw him again 3 weeks later and his smile grew bigger – must be great to see such immediate results from your handiwork. Only 7 weeks after surgery my scars are already wafer thin and reducing by the day. Most of the swelling had gone within the first month and the results continue to improve every week

When you’ve been really fat, you know what it’s like to have thighs that constantly rub together and chaff. They get sore all the time as well as looking horrible. Once the weight was gone, my knees still rubbed together and the lose skin flapped as I walked – I hated it. Now, my legs don’t rub and my knees don’t touch, it’s a revelation. I’ve bought my first pair of shorts since I was at school and I’m thrilled

But most of all I’m grateful – I found the right man for the job and he didn’t disappoint. When you go to see a doctor you expect good care, but you don’t always get it. You expect technical expertise, but that’s not guaranteed either. You hope for compassion and understanding – these can be rare commodities in a surgeon – but I hit the bulls eye because I got all of this. The more I understood the severity of what I was undertaking, the more he responded. My results are nothing short of spectacular and the man responsible is Mark Soldin. If you want the best surgeon in his field, look no further

At almost 63, my breasts were sagging, my abdominal muscles weak and I had a spare tyre so I decided it was time for some surgery!

When I was researching plastic surgeons, I was extremely impressed with the amount of detailed information to be found on Mark Soldin’s website. At my first consultation with Mark in November 2011, he took meticulous notes and spent a considerable amount of time explaining what was needed - a classic tummy tuck with liposuction to tighten my muscles and remove excess skin & fat from my abdomen, and a breast reduction/uplift to remedy my droopy breasts. I asked whether it would be possible to have both procedures at the same time but Mark recommended against it for several reasons, mainly because it would be a lot for my body to cope with, there would be a greater risk of complications and recovery would be slower. We therefore agreed to proceed initially with the abdominoplasty and liposuction, and Mark’s wonderful PA, Sue King, booked me into hospital at the end of December.

I normally sail through surgery and recover quickly. However, although the surgery went very well, I found recovery slower and more painful than I’d anticipated, particularly where my muscles had been tightened. I also developed a seroma, a pocket of clear fluid that sometimes develops in the body after surgery, and had to leave hospital with one of the two drains put in during surgery still in place. Two weeks later, the drain started to leak and, despite it being a Sunday, I rang Sue in a bit of a panic as I didn’t know what to do. She was so kind and supportive, got hold of Mark who rang me himself and told me that I needed to remove the second drain. Mark saw me every week for several weeks to check on my progress and to aspirate fluid from the seroma once the second drain had been removed. Amazingly, he never charged me for any of these consultations.

I went back to work 5 weeks after surgery. Mark continued to see me every few weeks. By three months after my surgery I felt terrific and loved my new shape. Six months post surgery, I’m absolutely thrilled with the results: my scar is fine and neat, my abdomen is smooth and flat, and Mark has made such a perfect job of creating my new belly button that you wouldn’t know he’d ever touched it!

Encouraged by my new shape, I started to eat more healthily and have now lost about 14 kilos, including the 3.5 kilos of skin and fat that Mark removed during surgery. I’ve also dropped two dress sizes and a bra size. I feel fantastic and, even if I say so myself, I think I look pretty good for my age too. Having lost the weight I’m not sure whether I still need the boob job. What I do feel I now need is a facelift – which of course Mark will be doing.

I can’t recommend Mark highly enough – generous with his time, he is a brilliant and talented surgeon who inspires great confidence, listens to your concerns and provides exceptional care. He is also a thoroughly nice man! - LB

Personal Testimonial:
Well where do I start I had put on loads of weight since having my baby who I have to add is now 25.I tried very hard to lose weight and about 7 years managed to get at least 4 stone off, however I was then left with this baggy skin and some fat – I can’t lie and say I was or am an ideal weight but let’s be honest what is an ideal weight REALLY!!!! Anyway ‘s I had been promising myself that with all the exercise and eating well this would go away fast forward another few years and it’s still there.This is when I started to look into surgery I contemplated going abroad as it was cheaper but then thought about what if it goes wrong what about the travel etc. etc.

So I looked around for surgeons and read up and it took about another 2 years before I finally took the plunge, after having consultations with other surgeons I wasn’t sure they didn’t seem to be right for me I didn’t want to feel like I was on a conveyor belt. I then went to my GP who advised me to look at the BMI website which was then where I found Mr Mark Soldin and from the first time I met him he understood my situation and I also have a little issue with boobs but he told me to concentrate on one thing at a time and that if I did my belly then I would probably be more happy with my boobs and he was so right.

I knew from then he was the surgeon for me and I have to say he met all my expectations and more, I had the most wonderful experience. Pain – no not really to be honest the only thing was the drains when they were removed OMG I would have rather have given birth but it only last for a few minutes and they healed fantastically. and I could not be happier it’s the best money I have ever spent and people spend more on kitchens, bathrooms, cars and holidays that don’t last a lifetime but this will and the effect it had had on my life has been amazing.

All I have to do now is maintain it - S.Y. Click here to view the pictures.


Body Contouring after Massive Weight Loss:
After having a gastric bypass and losing 8 stone in weight, I had a lot of stretched skin to be removed. Mr Mark Soldin was highly recommended to me. The first time I met Mr Soldin, I instantly felt relaxed with him and confident that he was a brilliant surgeon. He has such passion for his job, he takes away your fears instantly.He explains everything so clearly. I had a lower body lift, inner thigh lift, brachioplasty on both arms and a breast enlargement.
I am so happy with the results. The stitching of the wounds MrSoldin does to perfection,so you get minimal scarring.He is one brilliant,clever man.After the operations he is there for you 100% and takes great care of you.He has given me a great body shape and tons of confidence in my new body. I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me.I can personally recommend Mr Soldin - he's the best. SC.
I first met Mr Mark Soldin when I had reached my target weight loss of 10 stone. Excess skin covered my body to the extent that it encumbered my every day thoughts and activities and it became clear that no amount of exercising would reduce the amount of skin I had. Before meeting Mr Mark Soldin I really didn’t know what could be achieved but after my first consultation it became clear that not only could miracles be achieved but I would be in very safe hands. Mr Soldin’s patient care and compassion certainly puts your mind at rest and he’s expertise enables you to put your trust in his hands. We agreed that my first operation would be a lower body lift. This, as Mr Soldin explained, would be the largest of all the operations. He also took the time to explain the procedure of the operation and the healing process. After having my consultation with Mr Mark Soldin he kingly arranged for me to see his nursing colleague so that I could talk through any concerns that had arisen and get to know other members of his team making my healing process an easier transition. Mr lower body life operation went extremely well and my healing process was well cared for by Mr Soldin and his nursing staff. With their time and knowledge my wounds healed quickly revealing an excellent scar line that now is remarkably faint.

Mr Soldin and I agreed that a suitable amount of resting period was in order before I commenced with the next stage of my transformation and once that had elapsed I was keen to carry on.

Brachioplasty, Thigh Lift and Breast Augmentation:

These three procedures were carried out at the same time and I was really keen on this idea as it cuts down on the times that you undergo general anaesthetic and I couldn’t wait to see myself as the results from the first operation where above and beyond what I thought that could be achieved. Once again Mr Mark Soldin and I had a consultation so that he could talk me through what he planned to do and what to expect and ask if I had any concerns or questions’ of which I did not as I knew how capable he was and I didn’t have any questions as he explained everything so well that there really wasn’t anything else to consider.

My operation went ahead as scheduled and once again was a complete success. After coming round from this operation I noticed that my scars were very well placed and impossibly neat and my breasts were perfectly formed. Although I was still swollen my physical appearance was unbelievably perfect. At that precise moment I knew that my dreams had in fact come true. My recovery went well and I only needed some intervention when I formed a small seroma just above my left knee but this was quickly and efficiently dealt with by Mr Soldin and his team.


The results of Mr Soldin’s work have certainly gone way beyond anything I though was possible. My confidence has gone from none existent to soaring. All because of one brilliant, talented, clever man. My scars are almost transparent blending in well with the rest of my colouring and there have been no lasting effects from any of the procedures that I have under gone. My only regret is that I waited so long to contact Mr Soldin. – With my Thanks WC

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Breast reconstruction:
I am so very happy with my 'new look' in clothes... I will want to wear skimpier tops and for the first time not look uneven! JK
Thanks for the great care you have taken of me throughout the whole operation process, and for creating a new improved me!! Thank you for all the advice you have taken the time to give me, and for above all making everything as painless as possible. KK
Male breast surgery:
I first knew I wasn't comfortable with my chest when I hit puberty and throughout my adolescence, through the wonders of teenage emotional internalisation, what perhaps was only a minor problem physically, developed into a major problem mentally.

I spent much of my teen years reserved and paranoid and can't remember many days where I didn't worry about people's perceptions of my chest. I knew I had wanted something done for a while but it was not until 16 that I started researching my options. At first I was scared at the severity of the word 'operation' but I went to my GP to ask for a referral but was refused and told I 'should wait until I was 18 as these things get better after puberty'.

I waited two years but the problem got worse so I went back again and unwilling to risk an operation my GP suggested I 'do some push-ups'; by this time I had of course tried everything, losing weight, putting on muscle etc. I demanded a consultation.

Mark Soldin was very understanding and very professional and I had the operation in the December, after my first term of university. The operation went very well and I went home as planned the next day. Sure, it felt like I'd been punched repeatedly in the chest for a few days after and wearing the fabric sleeve was uncomfortable at times but these were minor grievances to the bigger picture.

Six months after the operation and I was a different person. More confident, much happier, I've found the motivation to start working out again and I feel I can achieve anything.

To all those who are thinking of having the operation, you are the only person who knows how important this operation would be to you and although it shouldn't be taken lightly I am happy to be one example of a person whose life will remain changed by the fantastic work of Mark Soldin. C.I.
Lady’s Liposuction:
First of all I just wanted to say how amazing I feel after the surgery - the swelling on my abdomen has gone done a huge amount since I saw you for my follow-up (five days after the liposuction), and I can't tell you how happy I am with the new shape. I'm wearing clothes I love that I wouldn't have looked twice at before due to my pregnant-like body shape! I am extremely grateful, the surgery was definitely the best decision I have ever made. I'm happier than I have been for a long time.

Secondly, I just had two things I wanted to ask you about. Quite ironically, the swelling has gone done so much my compression garments are now a little too lose - when I walk quickly they constantly slip down at the top! I was wondering if the tubigrips came in a size smaller, and were available to buy anywhere, or if the next size down would be far too small and meant for single limbs as opposed to the whole body?

Also, around my flanks and back I have some hard lumps under the skin, which I've read is very common following liposuction. I was only wandering if they will go down by themselves, or if it is advised to get some sort of massage for them?

Thank you so very much again for this life-changing procedure! I.M.
Eyelid surgery:
I felt I needed to email you to thank you for all your kindness to my mother. We did appreciate you making arrangements for her to go to Parkside for the operation and all the attention you gave her during the weekend to make sure she was well looked after during her stay. Mum and I were delighted on Friday when the covering was removed to see what a wonderful job you had done on her lower eyelid. She is going to make an appointment to see her GP this week to show her your wonderful work. She can't stop singing your praises. SR
Many thanks for helping me achieve a lifelong dream. Words cannot say how pleased I am. Also for the very special aftercare you have given me. I have enclosed an up to date picture for you to look at. One of my bosses said the other day having my eyes done has taken years off me - what a confidence booster that was. I have gone out and bought different coloured lenses to enhance my eyes even more. My eyelashes seem a lot longer now, I suppose that's because I don't have those awful hanging eyelids anymore. AP
I know I keep saying it, but I cannot tell you how wonderful I feel. I love getting up in the morning and looking at the new me and it's all thanks to you. AP
Skin Cancer:
You may recall that you operated on my wife, removing a malignant melanoma. I am writing to you to express my gratitude for the care you gave her in trying to save her life. You operated on her early in the morning, but took the trouble, after a long and no doubt exhausting day, to visit her to enquire about her condition.
Wish to thank you and your team not only for your expertise, but also for your reassuring friendliness and kindness in the theatre. PK
Mostly I want to thank you for being such a professional, helpful physician. I felt totally comfortable in your hands and was also deeply impressed with the help you gave the trainee surgeon who attended the operation... Mr P.T
Congenital breast underdevelopment:

When Mark Soldin first told me that I had a deformity called a Tuberous Breast, I was relieved that at last the truth was out! I had always kidded myself that my ‘abnormality’ was due to a fairground accident aged 10, resulting my right breast being under developed. I never really wanted to admit that it was a ‘birth defect’ as I was embarrassed and ashamed about the way I looked – I felt like a freak and set about cunningly disguising myself anyway I could – which in the main meant large baggy clothes. This covered up the difference when I was younger, but as I grew older and my shape and weight changed, the difference became far more apparent and I knew that I would have to do something about it!

First of all I tried the ‘chicken breast fillet’ approach which was good for a while but I was very self-conscious about the fillet moving in my bra and activities like swimming were totally out of the question. Imagine how embarrassing it would be, me swimming in one direction and my fillet floating away in another! The change came when my friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and she told me about the different prosthesis and bras available – bingo, I thought, I will get myself an external prosthesis plus some mastectomy undies and swimwear, and no-one will ever be the wiser! However, as time went by I realized that this made me feel even worse than before – I felt bulky and weighed down and although my confidence returned for a while, was not a long lasting effect. Eventually I plucked up the courage and at the age of 43 made a firm decision to investigate having a boob job!

I was so fortunate that my GP referred me to Mark Soldin. From my first consultation with Mark I felt totally reassured and confident that he would deliver exactly what he said. It only took one more consultation (this time with my husband) to decide that this was definitely what I wanted to do. Mark explained to us how the Becker Implant would be required in my right breast only and a stent would lead into the implant from my underarm, thus allowing the volume to be increased or decreased according to weight changes in my normal left breast.

I underwent surgery in February 2008 where the implant and stent were inserted. Just one night stay in the hospital and a couple of weeks at home to recuperate. Throughout my recovery, Mark was available for all my random and sometimes neurotic queries - totally professional, courteous and reassuring, he never once made me feel like a nuisance. During the course of the next few weeks, I visited the hospital as an outpatient to be ‘pumped up’ (as my husband so delicately puts it) to over-fill the breast, thus stretching the skin to match that of a 44 year old!

August 2008, having just had a deflation, I now have a pretty perfect matching pair and am utterly delighted with the result. The elation I feel, taking off my bra at night without a dead weight in one side, or actually wandering around bra-less is absolutely wonderful! I feel so much more confident in myself as a woman. My style of clothing has changed, I have lost weight and feel like I have embraced life so much more just in these past few months.

I am so grateful to Mark for his vision and skill. He has quietly and with such respect helped to turn my life around and it is a truly wonderful feeling.

Fat Injections:

I was a perfectly normal child with a healthy round chubby face until the age of seven when I started to lose the weight from my upper body and face drastically. I was diagnosed with Partial Lipodystrophy which meant I was not able to gain weight above the hip area. I lost all the fat from my face which resulted in an extremely masculine appearance and created dark hollow areas and wrinkles making me look much older than I actually was. I went through most of my life being tormented by horrible names and remarks. I hated going out and would always cover half of my face with my hand because I was so self-conscious.

I went to visit Dr Soldin and explained my problem and he suggested taking fat from my lower body and injecting it into the face. Naturally I was nervous but was desperate to try something which would help improve my appearance. After the surgery I waited about one week for the swelling to go down and see the results more realistically. I cannot explain in words the improvement it had made. I looked young and healthy-like the years I had missed out on I was then going to make up for. Which I have. It has completely changed my life; I am confident when I speak to people now and go out all the time. Life is so much more enjoyable now. I am 25 years old now and I get more compliments now than I ever have done!

I have had the procedure done three times now; once each year as each time I have lost some of the fat which was expected but having it done again means building it up and I am having longer lasting results with the third operation so I suppose it is like building the fat up in stages. The result is completely natural looking.

Since the operation I have never looked back. I wish I had had it done sooner. I LOVE life now! - YA

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